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Technology and information change at such a rate that the hospitality industry is constantly shifting and changing.  Keeping up with the changes poses a challenge for most hotel managers and being left behind as the world moves on can be costly not only in lost revenue but also in lost clients.

We hope to help you keep up with the latest news by taking the news to you!  We read blogs on changes in the industry on a daily basis and we will post those most pertinent to you…the hotel manager.. Keeping up with the latest news, reading tips for success, and following the industry in all its facets and understanding its impact on your own business is the best way to stay ‘in the know’.

We know…..

So here’s our first offering, enjoy..

What will the hotel room of the future look like?

Ecole hôteliere de Lausanne, which has been promoting blue-sky thinking on innovation and the future of hospitality, staged a contest last year and then produced an impressive video based on the two winning concepts. If EHL’s vision on YouTube is anything to go by, we’ll check into our room in 2033 and then be able to select – courtesy of virtual reality or VR – our preferred location, whether it’s, say, Lake Geneva or perhaps the Seychelles.

Nowadays, we have wi-fi, a telephone and probably a flat-screen TV. But as hotel guests become increasingly tech-savvy, they are likely to expect to have the latest technology on hand.

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